Saturday, February 11, 2012

AHHH I just need to VENT

Life is difficult no doubt about it... So you just want to print some new pictures on your new $400 Canon printer 900PRO (guess you need to be some type of Pro to get it to work along with your Apple) and your mini million dollar Apple Lap top. NO not happening spending 3 hours downloading software, clicking buttons and the stupid iphoto library won't show up in the Canon print screen... Then I try to log onto CANON and apparently I don't know my own email address or somehow when I saved it into contacts I put the wrong information. Can't a girl catch a dumb break here. Then you put in your email address (the one that everyone knows including yourself) to get Canon to help you out... ooopppsss not good enough you need to know your password too. DUMB ASSES why do you think I am trying to email you. Technology sucks!

All this seems petty I know. But, at my house there is no one to compalin too so Mr. Canon and Mr. APPPLE here it is on my blog... and no I don't feel better!


Annie said...

Hi Jackie... Thinking of you so popped in on your blog... Hope you are hanging in there...and on a note related to this post, my Canon printer and Mac behave the same way, I have to export my photos to my desk top to print using the Canon software, and yes, it is SO annoying! Take care and hugs!
Annie Adams

silvioafonso said...


Jackie, eu queria muito que você
fosse um dos primeiros a tomar
conhecimento do texto do meu
aonde eu falo dos desejos da
mulher, muitas vezes reprimidos por
elas mesmas, o que as tornam
tristes e quem sabe, infeliz.

Você vai gostar.

Um grande abraço,



crematory said...

Difficulties in life are normal, one of the keys that makes us stronger.

the creator not perfect said...

way is something,?

Jim said...

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Anonymous said...

i would have read your blog if you changed colours of text, which made it dificult to read ... :)

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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Joe Smith said...

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Christopher Bahri said...

Difficulties in life are normal, one of the keys that makes us stronger.

Line Broen said...

Dance and sing and make your life beautiful! Smile!

Anonymous said...

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Piter Johnson said...

Jackie, I agree with you...Life is so difficult...

I like your post.